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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlocked All
  • Full Game

The boundaries of your imagination will be pushed to their limits in the enchanting world of Animash Mod Apk. This mobile game unveils a mesmerizing fusion of two diverse animals, meticulously crafted by an advanced algorithm, inviting players into a realm of infinite potential. With fresh creatures emerging every three hours, creativity reigns supreme as players delve into the depths of their creativity. Discover a universe where each fusion births a truly unique creature, adorned with its own captivating appearance, traits, and abilities, eagerly awaiting exploration and unveiling.

download animash mod apk

Download Animash Mod Apk

Our exclusive mod version of Animash offers boundless possibilities and a unique adventure tailored for maximum enjoyment. Access a comprehensive mod menu with unparalleled control over every aspect of your experience, seamlessly navigating through the interface. Unlock all characters right from the beginning, allowing you to delve into the captivating world of Animash with a diverse cast of creatures. The entire game is at your fingertips with our mod version, ensuring a constant sense of discovery and engagement as you customize creatures, embark on thrilling quests, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.


In Animash Mod Apk, players embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery and experimentation. Through a simple yet engaging interface, they select two animals from a vast array of options and watch as the advanced algorithm seamlessly merges them into a single, extraordinary creature. With each fusion, players uncover new combinations, each offering a fresh experience and unlocking exciting powers and abilities. Whether exploring the depths of the ocean, soaring through the skies, or traversing the vast landscapes, every fusion brings forth a creature uniquely suited to its environment, ready to tackle challenges and conquer new territories.

Apk Features

Creature Customization

Dive into the world of creativity and individuality as you meticulously tailor every aspect of your creature’s appearance. From intricate color palettes to whimsical accessories, the possibilities for personalization are endless, empowering you to craft a companion that truly embodies your unique style and imagination.

Exploration and Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey across diverse landscapes teeming with excitement and mystery. Traverse sprawling forests, perilous mountains, and enigmatic caverns as you encounter a plethora of creatures, gather valuable resources, and unravel the secrets hidden within each captivating environment.

Training and Evolution

Guide your creature through a captivating evolution, shaping its destiny through dedicated training and perseverance. Engage in rigorous exercises to refine its skills, unlock newfound powers, and witness its metamorphosis into a formidable entity capable of conquering even the most formidable adversaries that cross its path.

Community Interaction

Forge meaningful connections within a vibrant community of like-minded adventurers. Share your creations, exchange invaluable insights and strategies, and partake in thrilling competitions and events that foster a sense of unity and camaraderie, igniting endless inspiration and collaboration.

Dynamic Environments

Immerse yourself in a dynamic world pulsating with life and diversity. From lush, verdant forests to harsh, unforgiving deserts, each environment brims with its own unique charm and challenges, offering countless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and awe-inspiring encounters with the creatures that inhabit them.

Evolving Challenges

Embark on an epic quest filled with ever-evolving challenges that push the limits of your skills and ingenuity. Adapt to changing circumstances, navigate treacherous terrain, and overcome formidable obstacles as you progress, ensuring a thrilling and immersive experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Experience the excitement of groundbreaking gameplay mechanics that inject fresh energy and excitement into every moment. From dynamic weather systems that influence your surroundings to interactive environments that respond to your actions in real-time, each innovative feature enhances immersion and elevates the overall gaming experience to new heights.


There are no limits to creativity with Animash Mod Apk, and every fusion leads to an exciting new adventure. With its endless possibilities, engaging gameplay, and vibrant community, Animash promises to ignite the imagination and keep players enthralled for hours on end.

How to download & Install Animash Mod Apk?

  • Click the download button given below.
  • Once the file downloaded. Open your file explorer and go to the Download folder.
  • Tap the downloaded (.apk) file and follow the instructions.
  • Enable “Installation from Unknown Sources” in your settings.
  • If Google Play Protect warns you, tap “Install anyway.
What’s New:

  • Meet the new animals: Noodles and Jade!
  • Discover the latest supreme addition.
  • Challenge yourself to find the hidden gem!