Mod Info:

  • God Mode
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Speed

Explore a world where evil lurks in every shadow with Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk, an addictive mobile game that challenges players to protect their village against menacing monsters. Set in a fantasy world teeming with danger, players must recruit and train hunters, forge powerful weapons and armor, and strategically deploy defenses to protect their village from constant threats. As the village grows, so too does the intensity of the battles, requiring players to continuously adapt and strengthen their defenses to survive.

download evil hunter tycoon mod apk

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk

Enjoy the action-packed world of Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk, where adventure awaits at every turn. This mod version elevates your gameplay experience with an array of enhanced features. Activate God Mode through the Mod Menu to become invincible against formidable foes. Enjoy Unlimited Everything, providing endless resources to build and defend your village. Harness the Speed feature to navigate swiftly through lush forests, treacherous mountains, and mysterious ruins. Engage in thrilling monster hunts, manage your village with ease, and customize your hunters to create an unstoppable force against the forces of evil. Download now to join the ranks of legendary hunters and embark on an epic journey!


In Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk, players take on the role of a village chief tasked with overseeing all aspects of village life. They must recruit skilled hunters from various classes, each with unique abilities, to venture into the wilderness and eliminate monsters. The game employs a blend of simulation and strategy elements, allowing players to manage resources, construct buildings, and research new technologies to enhance their village’s capabilities. Additionally, players can engage in trade with neighboring villages, complete quests for valuable rewards, and participate in epic boss battles to test their mettle.

Apk Features

Thrilling Monster Hunts

Prepare for heart-pounding adventures as you lead your brave hunters on thrilling expeditions into the untamed wilderness. Face off against a variety of fearsome monsters, each with its own set of abilities and weaknesses, in adrenaline-pumping battles that will test your skills and strategy. With every successful hunt, you’ll earn valuable resources and loot to further strengthen your village’s defenses and expand its influence.

Village Management

Become the master of your own destiny as you oversee the growth and development of your bustling village. From humble beginnings to a thriving community, build and expand a variety of structures to meet the needs of your villagers, manage scarce resources wisely, and ensure the safety and prosperity of your people amidst the ever-present threat of lurking evil.

Hunter Customization

Forge a band of elite warriors from diverse backgrounds and classes, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Recruit promising talents from far and wide, train them in the art of combat, and outfit them with the finest weapons and armor to create a formidable force capable of facing any challenge that dares to threaten your domain.

Dynamic Environments

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and ever-changing world teeming with life and danger. Experience the passage of time with a dynamic day-night cycle that affects both the behavior of creatures and the opportunities available for exploration and adventure. Stay on your toes as unpredictable weather patterns sweep across the landscape, presenting both opportunities and obstacles to overcome in your quest for glory.

Quests and Rewards

Embark on a journey filled with excitement and intrigue as you undertake a variety of quests from villagers and guilds scattered throughout the land. From simple errands to epic undertakings, each quest offers its own set of challenges and rewards, including rare items, valuable gold, and the respect and admiration of your peers.

Boss Battles

Steel yourself for epic showdowns against the most formidable foes the world has ever known. Challenge powerful bosses in intense battles of skill and strategy, where victory brings not only glory but also the chance to claim rare and prestigious rewards that will cement your status as a true champion of justice.

Exploration and Discovery

Set forth into the unknown and uncover the secrets hidden within the vast wilderness surrounding your village. From lush forests to treacherous mountains, explore diverse landscapes filled with hidden treasures, ancient ruins, and untold dangers waiting to be conquered by those brave enough to seek them out.


Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk offers an exhilarating blend of village management, strategy, and monster-hunting action, providing players with endless opportunities for adventure and excitement. With its immersive gameplay, rich customization options, and dynamic world, this game is sure to captivate players of all ages. So gather your hunters, fortify your defenses, and embark on an epic journey to rid the world of evil!

What’s New:

  • Improved quality of life features
  • Enable sweeping in Guild Raids!