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  • Unlimited Gems And Energy
  • Unlimited Notebooks
  • Mod Menu
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything

Explore the enchanting world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, where magic and mystery intertwine to create the ultimate gaming experience. Step into the shoes of a young witch or wizard embarking on their journey at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As you navigate the halls of this iconic institution, you’ll unravel secrets, forge friendships, and face challenges that will test your magical prowess. With stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, this game transports players to the heart of the Wizarding World, where adventure awaits at every turn.

download harry potter hogwarts mystery mod apk

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk

Meet familiar faces and explore iconic locations as you explore the world of spells and potions. With Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, enjoy Unlimited Gems and Energy to keep your magical journey uninterrupted. Unlock Unlimited Notebooks to access a wealth of resources and knowledge. The Mod Menu offers customizable gameplay, while Free Shopping allows you to acquire essential items without limitations. With Unlimited Everything at your fingertips, every challenge becomes surmountable. Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on your wizarding journey – download now and experience the magic like never before!


Take part in classes, create potions, and learn spells at Hogwarts as you journey into a world of magic and mystery. Alongside familiar faces from the Harry Potter universe, you’ll explore iconic locations like Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest, uncovering hidden treasures and facing formidable foes. With customizable avatars and a multitude of storylines to explore, each playthrough offers a fresh and personalized experience shaped by your choices. Whether you’re engaging in duels in the Great Hall or unraveling mysteries within the castle’s walls, the adventures that await in this enchanting RPG are limitless.

Apk Features

Customizable Avatars

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Apk, you have the power to craft your own wizarding identity. From choosing your appearance to selecting your house affiliation, every detail is yours to customize. Whether you dream of being a Gryffindor lionheart or a cunning Slytherin, the choice is yours. Dive into the magical world of Hogwarts with a character that reflects your unique personality and style.

Engaging Storylines

Prepare to be enthralled by captivating narratives that unfold as you progress through each year at Hogwarts. From unraveling mysterious plots to forging lasting friendships, every decision you make shapes the course of your magical journey. Immerse yourself in the rich lore of the Harry Potter universe as you embark on quests filled with magic, mystery, and adventure.

Iconic Locations

Journey through famous landmarks from the Harry Potter series as you explore the wizarding world. From the bustling streets of Diagon Alley to the cozy village of Hogsmeade, each location is brimming with charm and secrets waiting to be discovered. Visit the majestic Hogwarts Castle, where every corridor holds the promise of new adventures and hidden treasures.

Spellbinding Duels

Test your magical skills in thrilling duels against your fellow classmates. Step into the Great Hall and showcase your prowess as you cast spells, counter curses, and dodge attacks in fast-paced battles. With each victory, you’ll earn rewards and recognition, proving yourself as a formidable wizard or witch in the eyes of your peers.

Potions Brewing

Master the art of potion-making in classes led by Hogwarts’ renowned professors. Brew a variety of concoctions with unique effects, from healing potions to love potions and beyond. Pay close attention to ingredients and instructions to concoct the perfect brew, unlocking new abilities and advancing your magical prowess along the way.

House Competitions

Compete for glory and honor in thrilling house competitions that pit Gryffindor against Slytherin, Ravenclaw against Hufflepuff. Earn points for your house through challenges, contests, and feats of skill, striving to lead your house to victory and claim the House Cup. Build camaraderie with your housemates and celebrate triumphs together as you forge lasting bonds within your chosen house.

Character Interactions

Interact with beloved characters from the Harry Potter series, from wise mentors like Dumbledore to mischievous troublemakers like Fred and George Weasley. Form friendships with iconic figures such as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, or navigate rivalries with adversaries like Draco Malfoy. Your interactions with these characters will influence your Hogwarts experience, shaping the relationships and alliances that define your journey.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk offers an immersive and enchanting experience that transports players into the magical world of Hogwarts. With its customizable avatars, engaging storylines, and iconic locations, the game captures the essence of the beloved Harry Potter series, allowing fans to live out their wizarding dreams. From thrilling duels to potion brewing and house competitions, every aspect of the game is designed to immerse players in the rich lore and adventure of the Wizarding World. With character interactions that shape the course of your journey, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk delivers a spellbinding gaming experience that will captivate players of all ages and leave them longing for more magical adventures.

How to download & Install Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk?

  • Click the download button given below.
  • Once the file downloaded. Open your file explorer and go to the Download folder.
  • Tap the downloaded (.apk) file and follow the instructions.
  • Enable “Installation from Unknown Sources” in your settings.
  • If Google Play Protect warns you, tap “Install anyway.
What’s New:

  • CREATURE CARE: Interact with your Creatures to boost their happiness, earn weekly rewards, and rank up your Magical Creature Reserve.
  • SPECIAL ADVENTURE: Decode an ancient scroll to uncover a lost prophecy with a new exciting friend.
  • HOUSE SERIES ADVENTURE: Assist Professor Sprout and Hufflepuff friends in a special mission.
  • POSTBOX CHALLENGES: Look out for special monthly challenges in your Postbox!